2018, 4K Video, 1:50 Min, Loop

Fernseh Nemetz
Oststraße 112

„Melancholy defers identity. Its videowork offers partial aesthetic models of metaphysical and sociological dilemmas which are not separate, releasing affect from the proper boundaries of the human person, into contingent and potentially non-human utopias. The videowork becomes a figure for a skeptical embodiment of melancholy as the transformative soul. It proposes too that the soul is prosthetic: an artifice annexed to the person. And so, I will describe what the uncertain experience of interiority could be in representation, rather than in consciousness. It is in representations that we see thinking feel and make its parameters, figures and mistakes. In the videowork, a speculative thinking begins to emerge from thinking‘s normally inconspicious site.“
Lisa Robertson Perspectors/Melancholia in Nilling, Bookthug, 2012

Lukas Langguth (*1989 in Kaiserslautern) studiert seit 2016 an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf bei Trisha Donnelly. Von 2012–2017 studierte er Fotografie an der Folkwang UdK bei Christopher Muller.
Ausstellungsbeteiligungen u. a. hello from the other side, Kunsthochschule Mainz; Akademie, KIT, Düsseldorf; When I close my eyes I see the bloody rainbow, KUMA Museum, Seoul; Open Studio 8309, Cité international des Arts, Paris.